Applied Medical Awarded $43.5 Million, With Possibility of Being Tripled

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SEPTEMBER 2004; ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA – Digital Evidence Group proudly
announces it assisted its client Applied Medical Resources Corp., in procuring a jury
verdict of $43.5 million. Trial counsel at Knobbe Martens persuaded an Orange County,
California, jury to find that $43.5 million was a just award because a Tyco Unit, U.S.
Surgical Corporation, had infringed Applied’s patent. The patent was on a medical device
known as a trocar. The jury also found that the infringement was willful, allowing U.S.
District Court Judge Cormac Carney to triple the damages and to award Applied Medical
its attorney fees. He has set a September 20, 2004 hearing to decide those issues.
“I’m happy to help clients present their cases more clearly,” said Paul Hugo, the Digital
Evidence Group consultant. “I enjoy allowing attorneys to concentrate on effective
advocacy, while I handle all of the technical details. I follow the attorney’s lead to create a
seamless presentation, and Judges seem to really appreciate our role in case
preparation and presentation.”
For another account of the award,
see https://www.knobbe.com/Pages/news_applied_medical.htm