Our reporters understand that the facts you elicit during discovery are essential building blocks for your case. The exact words matter. So we deliver accurate transcripts, bolstered by a quality video recording. Because we understand the demands of litigation, we are available to assist every hour of every day. DEG has designed and built a secure, web-based scheduling and repository platform. This platform enables you to access your deposition calendar and retrieve transcripts from any internet connection. We have developed a reliable process to assist in the organization and formatting of your deposition transcripts, deposition video, and synchronization of transcripts and video for trial. Our experience as trial consultants enables us to provide the proper end products, easing the transition from discovery to trial preparation and presentation.


DEG Provides Global Coverage of Court Reporting Services
  • A single point of contact for scheduling depositions anywhere in the world
  • Secure, web-based repository for transcript and exhibit retrieval anywhere you have an internet connection
  • No matter where the deposition occurs, all transcripts are formatted consistently and produced by DEG staff
  • Dependable world-wide fee schedule, no hidden costs, all invoices emanate from a single source

DEG Works with Only Professional, Skilled Court Reporters
  • Each reporter is specially selected for every assignment
  • Proficient rough ASCII and expedited delivery readily available upon request
  • Reporters are experienced with sophisticated niche litigation terminology
  • Real-time reporting capabilities and streaming real-time over the internet

DEG is a Leader in Legal Video Technology
  • All digital legal videography, live digitizing
  • Video/Text synchronization for Sanction, Trial Director, LiveNote
  • Film picture-in-picture at a deposition
  • DEG maintains a database of all transcripts, exhibits, video, and synch files on a secure server for the life of the case