Experienced litigators know that a smooth presentation of the evidence at trial is a critical variable in the courtroom. Even with sound evidence and solid demonstratives, the litigation team is not complete without a calm, skilled technician in the “hot seat” to seamlessly present the evidence supporting your argument. In both the War Room and the Court Room, a Trial Technician needs to “get it,” by understanding the dynamics of litigation, and appreciating the personalities of the players. Our role is to blend in with your team and provide you with the support and preparation that enables you to win. Armed with the experience and judgment to adjust as necessary to the fluid dynamics of the trial process, our professional team of trial consultants distinguishes DEG from the competition.


DEG Is Experienced
  • We have assisted firms in securing over $2 billion in jury awards and favorable settlements
  • Our company works regularly with top 100 law firms
  • DEG assigns personnel with the knowledge and skill to best match your litigation needs
  • Trial consultants can share prior litigation experiences, pitfalls to avoid, and specific courtroom knowledge
DEG Is Well Prepared
  • Our technicians conduct dry runs of presentation and witness preparation
  • It is standard to review attorney outlines, and rehearse presentations with attorney
  • We establish a daily pattern at trial of receiving witness outlines, preparing direct examinations, preparing for cross-examinations and reviewing impeachment materials.
DEG Is Reliable and Works Under Your Schedule
  • Our professionals conform to the style, preferences and working hours of the trial team
  • We maintain and monitor courtroom equipment, backup suite of equipment
  • DEG technicians facilitate attorney review of video to evaluate impact of the video clip and non-verbal communication by the witness; evaluate utility for impeachment
  • Create video clips of deposition designations for impeachment or an unavailable witness
  • Fine tune in/out points and synchronization timestamps
  • Create video clips of counter-designations