Digital Evidence Group Helps Secure $593 Million Victory Against J&J

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MARCH 2011; TYLER, TEXAS – Dr. Bruce Saffran was awarded $482 million against
Johnson & Johnson and Cordis, a J&J subsidiary, plus $111.4 million in interest, for a
total of $593.4 million. After a five day jury trial and two hours of deliberation, the jury
found that the defendants’ drug eluting cardiac stents infringed Dr. Saffran’s patent –
Method and Apparatus for Managing Macromolecular Distribution (U.S. Patent No.
5,363,760). The award is the sixth largest patent infringement verdict in U.S. history.
Dr. Saffran’s lawyers were from the Albritton Law firm, Williams, Morgan and Amerson,
and Dickstein Shapiro. The trial team hired Digital Evidence Group (“DEG”) to provide
in-court trial consulting and to prepare demonstrative evidence throughout the trial. DEG
graphics included those used by the damages expert to support the nearly half-billion
dollar award. Paul Taskier, a senior Dickstein Shapiro partner said “[w]e are gratified that
a second jury has found that Dr. Saffran’s patent was valid and willfully infringed and that
it constituted a significant medical advancement allowing the development of the drugeluting
cardiac stent, as recognized by the $482 million verdict.” The first jury in 2008
decided that Boston Scientific was guilty of infringing the same patent and awarded Dr.
Saffran $432 Million. The Dickstein/Albritton/DEG team all worked on the Boston
Scientific case as well.
Mr. Curt Evans, also a patent attorney, worked the trial for DEG and remarked, “The
entire team worked very hard to present a clear case to the jury. With only 5 days to
present a case involving complex law and technology, a smooth presentation is important
to being persuasive.”
DEG is a global litigation support leader. DEG’s services include court reporting,
videography, graphics, animations, in-court trial consulting (“hot seating”) and electronic
brief (“eBrief”) authoring. Founded in 2003, DEG specializes in large complex litigation.
DEG has worked on 500+ cases for more than 150 law firms and has personnel across
the country, and around the globe. Part of DEG’s unparalleled customer service includes
dedicated case managers, 24/7 availability, effective and efficient quality assurance
processes and an understanding of our client’s needs as they prepare for trial, saving
time, money and effort.

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