In the law, both form and substance matter. What you say is bolstered by how you say it. An “electronic brief” (e-brief) is a digital brief with hyperlinks to cited cases, exhibits, animations and pertinent video clips. Hyperlinks allow the court or client to easily access the exhibits

and case law that the brief cites. It is possible to create hyperlinks from the brief to any media that can be digitized, including photographs, audio, animations or videotaped depositions.

Simply, DEG e-briefs facilitate the organized presentation of legal arguments to the courts and clients. Digital Evidence Group ensures that all of your pertinent case materials are hyperlinked to allow simple, quick, one-click access. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


Convenience and Professionalism
  • All relevant materials are in one easy-to-access pdf document
  • Organization of your case will be noticed and appreciated
  • e-Briefs are more versatile and more useful than paper briefs
Lasting Impact

Lay the foundation for a tight, technologically savvy presentation

  • Video clips isolate “smoking gun” testimony
  • Non-verbal communication in video is captured and relayed
  • e-Briefs enable you to submit animations
  • Instant Availability to All Relevant Support Materials
  • Simplify reading of complicated trial briefs, summary judgment motions, Markman submissions
  • Facilitate access to all referenced cases, exhibits, animations, & deposition video » Video and/or audio clips become a part of the brief
  • With tight deadlines, e-briefs provide a clear map of the case