DEG brings a unique skill set and arsenal of experience to the trial process. We provide powerful document management tools and a huge selection of the latest courtroom hardware options, based on your tactical and budgetary needs. Additionally, we provide state-of- the-art technology to assist your creation of efficient, persuasive, and powerful presentations. Our experience earned through constant litigation in courts nationwide provides DEG with unique insight into effective strategies, courtroom layouts, judicial personalities, effective presentations, hardware requirements, war room dynamics and a host of other litigation logistics that even the most seasoned litigation teams might not have. Let our knowledge work for you.


We Listen to Your Explanation of Your Case, Core Concepts and Arguments
  • Identify the objectives of the trial team
  • Assist in defining the graphics and animations strategy
  • Determine the equipment list for war room and courtroom
  • Understand the role of each member of the trial team and maintain open lines of communication with each member
We Create a Consistent Database Folder Structure
  • Deliver a uniform database structure to ensure efficiency and flexibility
  • Upload all necessary documents, trial exhibits, transcripts, animations and video clips
  • Encode all video (audio, if applicable) and synchronize video & transcripts

We Work With You to Design and Implement Trial Strategy
  • Assess potential audience, collectively determine strategic focus and objectives
  • Determine the appropriate technology in light of existing budget
  • Evaluate overall presentation strategy in light of preferences and strengths of presenters
  • Establish effective graphics, equipment and layout for war room and court room